SHARP SHOOTING Workshop - Cirencester
This workshop is for anyone that wants to learn more about shooting, with Coach Claire Bannon. 6pm-7:20pm at the Cotswold Leisure Centre (venue location details here: copy & paste link into browser) The Workshop will cover the following:

1. Technique
2. Positioning
3. Movement around the circle
4. Losing defenders
5. How to deal with tall defence.

It's for all levels, and there will be limited spaces, so book early if you want to secure your place.

This workshop focusses on the 4 stages of the shooting technique. Once the technique is learnt, we will carry out a number of exercises to practise the technique and instil it into your memory.
We will then put the new skills into a controlled game play, using street netball rules. (an exciting version of netball, where anyone in the team can shoot! )

PLEASE NOTE: The tickets are NON – Refundable
Date and Location
Tuesday 19 October 2021, 18:00
Cotswold Leisure Centre
Tetbury Road