• No. 1 for Social Netball in Gloucestershire

No. 1 for Social Netball

Team Profile for Contactless

Fixtures and Results for Current Season
Mon 14 Oct 201920:20Sports Hall
X The Y-Nots33 - 4
Mon 21 Oct 201919:40Sports Hall
Victorious secrets16 - 24
Mon 28 Oct 201919:00Sports Hall
Riverside Netchix18 - 30
Mon 04 Nov 2019Bye
Mon 11 Nov 201921:00Sports Hall
Dangerous DIVAS14 - 16
Mon 18 Nov 201920:20Sports Hall
The Tigers12 - 11
Mon 25 Nov 201921:00Sports Hall
The Fumblers10 - 13
Mon 02 Dec 201921:20Sports Hall
X Grh rads15 - 0
Mon 09 Dec 201921:20Sports Hall
Monster Minx12 - 22
Mon 06 Jan 202019:40Sports Hall
X The Y-Nots37 - 5
Mon 13 Jan 202020:20Sports Hall
Victorious secrets15 - 21
Mon 20 Jan 202020:20Sports Hall
Dangerous DIVAS19 - 27
Mon 27 Jan 2020Bye
Mon 03 Feb 202019:00Sports Hall
Riverside Netchix22 - 33
Mon 10 Feb 202019:00Sports Hall
The Tigers26 - 17
Mon 17 Feb 202019:40Sports Hall
The Fumblers20 - 17
Mon 24 Feb 202019:40Sports Hall
X Grh rads15 - 6
Mon 02 Mar 202019:40Sports Hall
Monster Minx15 - 15
Current Season Information
Current Season Position: 6
Current Season Record: Won 7, Lost 8, Drawn 1

Positions During Current Season


Last 3 GamesThis SeasonAll Time
Average Scored :16.6718.6917.48
Average Conceded :12.6716.3120.80
Average Points :4.332.381.89
Biggest Win :15 - 637 - 537 - 5
Biggest Loss :No losses18 - 3014 - 42

Previous Seasons
SeasonPositionRecord (W/L/D)
Riverside MONDAY - Spring/Summer 2020 - Division 310/0/0
Riverside MONDAY - Spring/Summer 2019 - Division 489/19/0

Statistics for Contactless for this season

Player of the Match Awards
PlayerTeamPlayer Of the Match Awards
Alex StevensContactless5
Ruth AthertonContactless3
Rowan MurphyContactless2
Nicola WallinContactless2
Susan CroweContactless2

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    Being Part of a Team

    Once you join a team, the Team Organiser will add your email address and contact details to the teams’ online profile. Please refer to the “Registration Process Guide – Part 2” on previous page. If you join as a permanent member of a team you will then be bound by the normal stipulations of a Netball Fun League Team playing in one of our social netball leagues. For more information on this please visit the “Members / Support” links in the main website navigation.

    Be a Ringer

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    1. Committing to the Whole Season

    Registering a team and joining a Netball Fun League involves committing to the whole season. If you are unable to complete the season for whatever reason, you are still liable for the match fees until a replacement team is found.

    2. Conceding Matches

    If a team cannot find enough players for a particular match and have to concede, then they will be charged the match fees of £26.95 and the game is conceded 15 – 0. If a conceding team gives less than 24 hours’ notice, they will charged the oppositions match fees in addition to their own match fees. A team may only concede one match in any one season at Netball Fun League, and will incur a £30 fine if they concede more than one in a season. Don’t worry, we have some great ways to find substitute players if need be.

    3. Cup Final Night

    At the end of every season the final fixture is a Netball Fun League Cup Final Night. As a registered team, you are committed to attending and taking part in this. The Cup Final Night is like a mini-tournament in which all teams in your division play against each other for ‘The Cup’. It is also the time when League Winners, Runners Up and Player of the Season awards are given out. Read all about Cup Final nights here

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